Orlando Smartphone Apps for Businesses
Mobile website development, put simply is recoding your existing website to meet the guidelines of mobile devices, making content look and react in a mobile environment in a similar fashion as a native APP.  There are tradeoffs with having a mobile site, however, since you cannot take advantage of native functions of the device, such as GPS, camera or PUSH notifications.  Depending upon the usage, we will recommend for or against  a mobile site.  We try to tailor your solution to right kind of technology.  We want you to be a customer for a long time...

Mobile visitors are potentially your most valuable users We make sure to incorporate logos, typefaces, content, and branding guidelines, and each mobile site is given a custom design. We provide designs that run on and make the best use of all mobile devices, from iPhones, iPads, BlackBerry, Windows Phones and Androids.

We also make sure your site is usable and effective. Mobile visitors are different than desktop users – they have different needs, different goals, slower connections, and less time to spend surfing the web. We make sure that your mobile website provides the information, functionality, and experience that your mobile users need and expect. Mobile design is not just “shrinking the desktop” – it is a reevaluation of your users' goals and how best to meet them.

We are committed to making sure you make the right marketing decision in choosing your platform.  It's not a matter of 'if' you'll go mobile.  It's when. 

So the choice is really whether you choose a mobile site as your platform of choice or a native APP for each platform.

And the toughest choice for most business owners is to think beyond their own personal technology.  We understand that iPhone owners are loyal to their product, but the same look for each platform is imperative to maintain brand identity and consistency in product.

For a FREE Consultation as to the best choice you might possible make, feel free to call us at 800-483-0389 or email us at info@tunedinapps.com
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