Orlando Smartphone Apps for Businesses
  • Direct Call
  • GPS locator
  • Multiple Locations Compatible
  • Push Notifications to send out notifications to your guests.
  • Send emergency messages to all users using your own backend login system.
  • Upsell your restaurants,recreational facilities, golf courses, pool areas, bars and clubs.  Locate each one on GPS to make it easy for them to find.
  • Custom Splash & Loading Screen.
  • Incorporate video of your property or your different venues.
  • Include a golf score card if you have a golf course.
  • Send QR Codes for specials and have checkins available at your different locations.
  • Update your guests on new amenities.
  • Incorporate any page of your website into your app.
  • Have form pages to garnish client information to get contact info or to send out newsletters
  • Give your clients/potential clients a small discount on their first service(s) if they download your app.
  •  Camera button to have them send pics directly to you with the press of a button on their smartphone for marketing or posting
  • Integrate your LinkedIn,Facebook Pages,Twitter,YouTube or any other social media through your app
  • For an additional fee, you may opt to have your app in more than one language.
  • Available on all platforms; iPhone,iPad,Android,BlackBerry and Windows Phone



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